We LOVE Beginners

Your journey into fitness is filled with excitement, anxiety, discovery, and a host of other emotions. Depending on how things are introduced to you, it can either drive you to continue to improve or make you believe that you’ll never be able to get in shape.  Picture walking into a gym and the trainer pushes you until […]

Run The Day

If you want to actually get anything done and have an impact in today’s incredibly fast paced and high demand world then you have to stay organized. Meal planning and meal prep is always a hot topic when you’re talking fitness, but what about all the other stuff you have to do every week? Are […]

Mastering Self Talk

#mindsetmonday How you talk to yourself is a huge factor in your long term success and happiness. This goes beyond all the positive self talk BS that’s usually spouted out there though. Just telling yourself that everything is ok and that you’re happy isn’t helpful. In other words, lying to yourself will hold you back […]

Eating the Elephant – Part 2

#brasstackstuesday Yesterday we talked about being Eating the Elephant and how the best way to do it was with our “Reasonable but Relentless” approach. While it makes a horrible saying for a t-shirt it’s a sure fire method to get you where you want to go. Today I want you to put on paper what […]