Sports Performance

Our philosophy for building high performing athletes is simple:

  • Keep them healthy
  • Help them master the fundamentals
  • Choose the right progressions for the right athlete at the right time

We work with athletes of all ages, skill levels, and all sports. Hard work plus intelligent training is an unbeatable recipe for success and that’s where we excel. You’re trusting us with your kids athletic career and we take the trust very seriously.

Summer Program

3rd-5th Grade: We like to start’em young at Driven. For this age group we combine basic skills with games that make training fun and engaging while also helping them develop the strength, coordination, and confidence to progress later on.

6th & 7th Grade: Here we start putting some weight in the athletes hands while still coaching up the basic movements and skills. It’s also a critical time to start preparing these kids to enter the weight room once they reach high school.

8th Grade & Up: At this age we start getting more specific with they’re training to reflect the demands  of their sport. It’s also where they start getting their hands on a barbell. This is especially important for the 8th grade athletes so that they can learn the big movements high school coaches love (squat, bench, cleans) in a controlled environment that they most likely will never get in a high school weight room.

Our summer program runs from May 17th to August 4th and is 1 payment of $149 per kid. 


  • 3rd-5th Grade: M/T/TH @ 10 am or 1 pm
  • 6th & 7th Grade: M/T/W/TH @ 9 am or 2 pm
  • 8th & Up: M/T/W/TH @ 8 am or 11 am

Limit 15 kids per time slot

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